B111B00 Motion Stool


COMFORDY Co., Ltd., Tainan, Taiwan

In-house designDesign:
Medium2 Studio, Fang yu Chen, Ping Lun Chung, New Taipei City, Taiwan


With its sleek superellipse design, this stool embodies simplicity, stability, and rounded aesthetics. From the seat to the lifting button, tube cover, and base, the consistent use of the superellipse shape creates a harmonious visual language.

Its versatile functionality allows for rotation and swaying in any direction, catering to diverse customer needs and supporting sit-to-stand postures. The chair's underside features two smooth hollow curved surfaces that form natural handles, enabling easy movement and refurbishment.

Drawing inspiration from the language of superellipses, the B111B00 seamlessly blends an attractive aesthetic with user comfort, encouraging active sitting. Its well-balanced contours emphasize stability, while the recessed handles on the seat shell ensure effortless positioning of this motion stool.