Branding & Packagedesign 


BlancLab "Hangover Mask" : the term 'Veisalgia' is derived from the Norwegian  'kveis' (restlessness after a carnival) and the Greek 'algia' (pain). It reflects the discomfort commonly experienced by drinkers and

also represents a little rebellion that often comes up in the boring daily life.

The minimalist design, from brand to packaging, uses sans-serif fonts to present the brand's neatness, retains the purest identity, and conveys clean and elegant products with the fewest elements.

In the packaging design of the hangover mask, we use hot stamping and paper embossing to add a little elegance. The H in the middle is taken from hangover's H, and pearl foil is used to make the overall packaging tone more shiny, and add opulence to the image of this product. The packaging design used in the form of a gift box. The inner box of the package uses thick cardboard. After the mask is used, the whole package can be used to store small items.