Dynamic Standing Desk

Client : Humanconnect


Designed by Medium2Studio for Humanconnect, the Dynamic Smart Standing Desk is a testament to the seamless integration of hardware and software. At the heart of this innovative creation is 'Sage' - an IoT Box that can be either embedded or externally attached, alongside a flexible seating reservation system developed by Humanconnect. This integration caters adeptly to the evolving needs of hybrid corporate workplaces and co-working spaces.

Sage, an intuitive sensor-based networking platform, amalgamates functions like reservation, sensing, and control.
It supports NFC, enabling users to check in or out of their seats via smartphone interaction.
This functionality integrates flawlessly with office attendance systems and customizes in tandem with the desk's adjustable features.

The design of the Dynamic desk showcases thoughtful ergonomics.
The solid wood tabletop is edged with two types of rounded corners;
a larger radius near the user ensures forearm comfort, while a smaller radius on the opposite side allows ample space for accessories like Desk Partitions.
The intersection of these curves at the desk corners provides a smooth, aesthetic transition.