Flip Ironing Board Mirror

Client : Unipapa



In collaboration with @unipapa_official , a renowned Taiwanese design brand, we present the Flip Dual-Function Ironing Board Mirror, an innovative solution that merges the utility of a full-length mirror with an ironing board. This integration is designed to address the common household issue of storing bulky ironing boards. The Flip not only serves as an elegant interior decoration resembling a full-length mirror but also offers an optimal storage solution for the ironing board.

While the concept of a dual-function ironing board mirror is not new, our journey from concept to commercialization involved extensive research and innovation, making it more suitable for everyday use. The key lies in the ’adjustable span transition‘. An ironing board requires a large span to ensure stability during ironing, whereas a full-length mirror needs a smaller span to minimize space occupation.

Therefore, we designed a structure with an adjustable span. Through this mechanism, the Flip Dual-Function Ironing Board Mirror can effortlessly adjust its span when flipping the board to switch between its uses. This interconnected structure simplifies the operation, enhancing convenience.

Simple and practical, storing an ironing board is just a matter of placing it.