GinGin Coffee Co Identity & Package Design 2017

Designer - Timmy Lin


GinGin Coffee is a micro coffee shop located in Taipei, Taiwan. By holding the spirits of rebellion and innocence by offering take-away coffee and drinks, GinGin tries to find a effortless way to create a new kind of coffee lifestyle. GinGin comes from the word of "giraffe's neck" in Chinese. In order to demonstrate the feeling of "rebellion" at GinGin, the giraffe icon is illustrated in a scoffing characteristic and careless attitude, and also the use of contrasting blue with yellow color. Regarding to the packaging design, we avoid using excessive decorations. Also we want to focus on content and the object by having a straightforward layout design.

GinGin Coffee 是一間位於台灣台北市的微型咖啡吧,提供以咖啡為主軸的外帶飲品,秉持品牌叛逆、純真,不隨波逐流的精神,希望藉由輕鬆的形式,將好的咖啡進入生活中。GinGin 取自長頸鹿的「頸頸」,一隻玩世不恭的長頸鹿,透過不在乎的神情、與強烈的藍黃撞色,擦出我們對叛逆感的詮釋;純真的性格嶄露在包裝上,沒有過多的裝飾編排,簡單直白地呈現物件的內容。