GinGin Coffee Co Party invitation card

Designer - KuanYu Lin


GinGin Coffee was originally a micro coffee shop located in Taipei, Taiwan. From 2017, the business form based on take-out coffee has been transformed into a spacious interior space with a sense of design. By holding the spirits of rebellion and innocence by offering take-away coffee and drinks, GinGin tries to find a effortless way to create a new kind of coffee lifestyle.

The “Blue and Gold Party” is GINGIN COFFEE’s annual celebration. In addition to inviting customers to come back and join in the fun for a while, at the celebration, they also announce their new menu and alcoholic drinks. For this year’s invitation/menu, we infused with design with the store’s interior design: Arching doors and windows, and a blue/gold color palette, calling attention to the name of the party. For the envelope, we selected mulberry paper with gold strands running through it, to add to the overall weight of the printing. This made the menu not just a menu, but also a finely designed object that people will want to hold as a keepsake.

We chose to use risograph printing. Riso printing creates unique, enchanting effects that allow the menu to show off in different ways. For the interior design, we added an instruction/direction card, which guests can use to find the ingredients and introductions that correspond to the different menu items. This strengthens the sense of guest > design object > menu item interactivity.

GINGIN 起初是一間位於台灣台北市的微型咖啡吧,從2017年外帶咖啡為主的經營形式轉變成現今具設計感的寬敞內用空間。秉持品牌叛逆、純真,不隨波逐流的精神,希望藉由輕鬆的形式,將好的咖啡進入生活中。

「 金 藍 趴 」是GINGIN COFFEE的年度盛會,除了邀請顧客回店裡一起同樂之外,也會一同發表新的菜色及酒品,在今年度的邀卡菜單中,將店鋪內的裝潢風格融入設計,拱狀的門窗以及金與藍的配色去呼應此次派對的名稱,在封套上選用帶有金鬚的雲龍紙當襯卡,增加整體印物的份量感,讓菜單不再只是菜單,而是讓人想留存的設計品。

採用Riso印刷,在Riso特殊且迷人的印刷效果下,讓食物菜單有不同面向可以呈現,並在內頁設計上增加了一張指示卡/解說卡,賓客能照著解說卡上來相對應出餐點的佐料以及介紹,增強賓客 >設計物 >餐點互動的關係。