LEPUS - conceptual Electric Folding Bike 2018

metal / plastic


LEPUS is a conceptual Electric Folding Bike. Constructed with the structure of folding bike and electrical technology, Lepus redefines the transportation design for commuting in the city.
The folding construction and the integrated charging module allow it to carry and disassemble easily. Either a short or a long distance journey, LEPUS offers users to commute and transform without any burden.
LEPUS is an personal vehicle inspired by Mountain Hare--an agile snow creature. Shuttling in the city, LEPUS is styled with agility and elegance, just like the creature itself.

LEPUS的靈感來自矯捷的雪地生物-雪兔(Lepus Timidus)。騎上LEPUS,如同雪兔般,在表現出躍動感的同時,也能優雅地在城市裡時尚巡弋。