M Chair

metal / wood / rubber

DESIGNER - Fang-Yu Chen, Cheryl Tan,  Denise Pan


The M Chair is a distinctive bentwood chair, constructed with a metal tube frame and two bentwood panels. This three-legged chair is designed for stackability, thanks to its unique V-shaped metal tube legs that allow it to be stacked through the space between the bentwood backrest and seat. The M CHAIR strikes a balance between craftsmanship and mass production efficiency, employing bentwood and bent tubes as its primary materials to create a structure that is both strong and aesthetically pleasing, embodying a "skin and bones" architectural relationship.

*The M Chair is currently in the pre-production phase, and we are actively seeking partnerships with brands or manufacturers who are excited about bringing this innovative design to the market.

M Chair 是一張曲木椅,由金屬管作為框,加上兩片曲木構成此椅。他是一張可堆疊的三腳椅,特殊的 V 形椅腳使其可穿過座背之間進行堆疊。我們在設計時,為了於工藝性以及量產性間取得平衡,使用曲木以及彎管作為加工材料,建立一種皮與骨的造型結構關係。

* M Chair 目前於預生產階段,我們正積極尋求對於將其推向市場感興趣的品牌或製造商建立合作夥伴關係。