M CHAIR 2018

metal / wood / rubber

PRODUCER - Backbone Global limited
DESIGNER - Fang-Yu Chen, Cheryl Tan,  Denise Pan


M CHAIR is a lounge chair that is constructed by two pieces of bended wood with a metal tube as a base. It is a stackable three-legged chair. The special V-shaped chair foot allows it to stack through its back. In order to achieve a balance between workmanship and productivity, bended wood and curved metal pipe are used as manufacturing materials to establish a structural relationship between skin and bone.

*M CHAIR is still in the stage of pre-production preparation and the time to be sold is uncertain.

M CHAIR 是一張曲木椅,由金屬管作為框,加上兩片曲木構成此椅。他是一張可堆疊的三腳椅,特殊的 V 形椅腳使其可穿過座背之間進行堆疊。我們在設計時,為了於工藝性以及量產性間取得平衡,使用曲木以及彎管作為加工材料,建立一種皮與骨的造型結構關係。

*M CHAIR 目前仍於量產前準備,上市時間未定。