Pinch Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Furniture Design Award Category.


Plastic, stackable chairs are a common experience in modern people’s lives. They’re seen everywhere, from little alleys and restaurants to the mahjong table. They are also a superb example of the practicality and convenience that industrial production brings.

The PINCH is a unibody, complete stackable plastic chair. It starts with the prototype of the traditional stackable chair, then adds a new form factor to make it a better match for modern architecture and design.

The unibody design of the industrial age is a prime feature of plastic manufactured goods. This means there’s no need to assemble anything, which not only implies lower cost but also gives a sense of durability. We offer a new interpretation of the traditional plastic chair’s structural unibody logic, imagining how simple “pinching” and “pulling” can transform a plastic sheet into a complete chair. The result is the PINCH chair’s unity of form, and gives the chair a visual design that is highly intuitive and dynamic.

Through the PINCH chair, we have created a new interpretation of the modern stackable chair; and further, we open the imagination to expansive, shared, fun use cases.




藉由PINCH chair,我們重新詮釋當代塑料堆疊椅,並以此想像了一個開放、共享且有趣的使用場景

More Details:

This product is in its conceptual phase, not yet in mass production. We're seeking partnerships with brands or manufacturers interested in realizing this innovative design's market potential.