anodized aluminum / laser engraving


The Ruler_C is a uniquely designed curved ruler that provides several advantages.
Its curved shape facilitates easy pick-up and minimizes the contact area between the ruler and the paper, reducing the likelihood of transferring dirt or smearing wet ink. Made from a durable anodized aluminum alloy, the Ruler_C showcases a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

To verify the optimal curved shape, multiple sample productions were conducted,
ranging from SLA models to metal powder sintering and CNC machining.

The packaging design of Ruler_C features a pattern inspired by the product's reflection, which complements the sliding box.
As the box is opened, the interplay between the printed pattern and the ruler's reflection creates a visually pleasing effect.
This design choice offers a subtle preview of the product's distinct shape before it is fully unveiled.

During the packaging design process of Ruler_C, several different box styles were explored, and ultimately,
a box style was chosen that best highlighted the alignment between the printed pattern and the reflective nature of the product during the unboxing experience.

This product is in its conceptual phase, not yet in mass production.
We're seeking partnerships with brands or manufacturers interested in realizing this innovative design's market potential.