Comfordy Co, . Ltd.

Fang-Yu Chen, Ping Lun Chung/ Medium2 Studio

Fang-Yu Chen, Ping Lun Chung/ Medium2 Studio + Wei Fang Kang, Fu Chun Chen/ Comfordy.


Most office chairs in the market focus on the functional performance, often making the appearance too complex, full of mechanics. We assume that common users need only a comfortable, simple and aesthetically pleasing office chair, that is why the S CHAIR was born.

S CHAIR's inspiration comes from hedgehog, which is soft as a fur ball but full of spikes, elegant but rational. We mimic its characteristic into designing the S CHAIR. The hedgehog's raised back is transformed into a curved back, and the spines are transformed into an endless hole in the back. The gradual disappearance at the end of the hole creates a subtle visual vocabulary, as if a curved spine could be seen from the back.

By experiencing and playing with the curvature of the back, the strength and thickness of the plastic, we design an extremely comfortable and full of design details office chair. We hope the public will enjoy sitting the chair while working.

*S CHAIR is honored with Good Design Award.