metal / plastic


SN-07 is a multi-functional office chair designed by Medium2 team for the middle high end market. A large area of mesh is embedded in the neat back frame, supplemented by a plastic tension lumbar ride, and it is close-fitting and comfortable to sit on. With steady and low-key visual modeling,  we can see the balance between the design appearance and the product strength in the details of the back frame. Reasonable straight line segment starts to rise from the waist, creating a twisting technique on the structure that reinforces the plastic strength while leaning against the back of the chair.
By eliminating unnecessary lines, only leaving the necessary curvatures, that is SN-07.

SN-07 is currently under an exclusive distribution by a well-known German office furniture brand.

SN-07 是Medium2團隊為德國知名家具品牌所設計的一張中階市場的多功能辦公椅。以大面積的網布嵌入俐落的背框,輔以塑料張力的腰靠,乘坐上貼身而舒適。沈穩低調的視覺造型,在背框的細節上,可見設計團隊在造型與產品強度平衡上的著墨。理性的直線段自腰靠處開始隆起,產生造型結構上的扭轉手法,強化了傾靠椅背時的塑料強度。