metal  / plastic

Client : Comfordy Co,. Ltd


Sa'dy is a small size office chair that puts its attention on human body structure and ergonomics. And it is specially designed for Asians by focusing on the height and the back of the chair. A slightly lower back makes the space more spacious. In the shape, the chair back bracket is from the chassis to extend upward, with the perceptual curve trend so that the line skillfully disappeared in the lower edge of the back frame by presenting an idea of soft and hard. The shape is simple, but full of ingenuity.

Sa'dy 是一張符合人體結構且小巧的辦公椅。其特點在於為日本市場量身設定的椅背高度,稍低的椅背也使得空間中的視覺感更加寬敞而不擁擠。造型語彙上,椅背支架由底盤向上延伸,藉由感性的曲線走勢讓稜線巧妙地消失於背框下緣,剛柔並濟,造型雖簡單卻充滿巧思。