WM Scissors  2011

metal / wood


WM Scissors is a pair of scissors that constructed by wood and metal. Unlike any typical scissors or wooden handle scissors, WM Scissors has different profiles while preserving at various angles. The design is particularly focused on the interweaving of metal and wood and how parts fit together closely. It is a stationery scissors developed from the concept of “conflicting the material property’s characterization” by showing comfortable touch with sharp styling, cold metal with warm wood.

WM Scissors 是一把將木材與金屬做結合的剪刀。別於一般剪刀或是一般木柄剪,此剪刀從兩側分別去看,會有不同的面貌。設計時特別著眼於金屬與木料地穿插,造型如何緊密地配合等等。舒適的手感之於銳利的造型,冰冷的金屬之餘溫潤的木材,是一隻由「相對的衝突關係」所發展的文具剪。