GinGin Coffee / Coffee box packaging design

Designer - KuanYu Lin


GinGin Coffee was originally a micro coffee shop located in Taipei, Taiwan. From 2017, the business form based on take-out coffee has been transformed into a spacious interior space with a sense of design. By holding the spirits of rebellion and innocence by offering take-away coffee and drinks, GinGin tries to find a effortless way to create a new kind of coffee lifestyle.

In this project, the interior decoration of GINGIN coffee was absorbed, and transformed into irregular visual elements. The four sides of the outer packaging box were designed into different images, so that the outer box packaging could be better integrated into the interior decoration of GINGIN coffee, and display a variety of the rich permutations and combinations. Whether in the Retail display, or various usage scenarios, you can recall the wonderful experience of dining at  GINGIN coffee.

GINGIN COFFEE 是一間位於台灣台北市的微型咖啡吧,提供以咖啡為主軸的外帶飲品,秉持品牌叛逆、純真,不隨波逐流的精神,希望藉由輕鬆的形式,將好的咖啡帶進生活中。