ABOUT ::  Medium 2 Studio


"Medium" can refer to being in between two things, or it can refer to the medium that a message is communicated through.

At Medium2 Studio, we are communicators who strive for balance in the middle ground. We explore the intersections of practicality and creativity, avoiding the extremes of rigid thinking and unfettered imagination. Our goal is to help brands effectively communicate with their audiences. We take all feedback about a brand into consideration, and we approach the brand's needs from the client's perspective. We use design in just the right amount – neither too little nor too much – to create an emotional connection between a brand and its users. This enhances product depth and firmly establishes a brand's place in the popular imagination.


Medium2 Studio 是在兩端之間尋求平衡的傳播者,在現實框架與天馬行空之間探索實用性和創造力之間的交集,承載您的品牌想向消費者傳遞的訊息。

我們傾聽您對品牌的各種想法,站在您的角度思考品牌的需求, 用不多不少且恰到好處的設計,媒合使用者與品牌之間的情感連結,加強產品 的深度,樹立人們對於品牌的想像。